Marcion – The Rapist Priest Who Claims Celibacy [Like “Paul”]. Source of “Pauline Epistles”.

Marcion of Sinope is the source of the Pauline epistles.

Marcion of Sinope (/ˈmɑːrʃən, 
; Greek: Μαρκίων[1][note 1] Σινώπης; c. 85 – c. 160) was an important figure in early Christianity. Marcion preached that the god who sent Jesus into the world was a different, higher deity [LUCIFER] than the creator god of Judaism [JEHOVAH].[2] He considered himself a follower of Paul the Apostle, who he believed to have been the only true apostle of Jesus Christ.[3]


Marcion was a Luciferian who was first excommunicated by his father’s church in his hometown area for the rape of a young woman while claiming “celibacy” as a “priest”.

He later tried to join himself to the true church in Rome. But he was rebuffed by the true church.

Marcion attempted to “change” the true church to “change the ‘Jesus'” of the true church to Lucifer. By changing the doctrine of the true church to his own.

Marcion was excommunicated from the true church.

So, Marcion swore revenge.

Marcion initiated his own network of churches that worshiped Lucifer as their “Jesus”. The church network grew.

Wahla! The “epistles of ‘Paul'” appeared!! An apostle! Who preaches Lucifer! As his “Jesus”. An “apostle” who claimed celibacy: just like Marcion. Just like the Roman Catholic priesthood that developed.

Marcion was first excommunicated for the rape of a young woman from his father’s church. Then, later tried to join himself to the true church in Rome. Was excommunicated for preaching “Lucifer” as his Jesus.

Then, just started his own Lucifer worshiping church. And generated his own “apostle”. “Paul”. In epistles Marcion distributed to his own network of Lucifer worshiping churches. It was an organized church system.

Marcion was it’s “apostle”: in a papal hierarchy Marcion designed.

The same papal hierarchy “Paul” mirrored. Making himself “THE apostle to the Gentiles!” Like Marcion. Establishing bishops as overseers of his church network. Like Marcion. Establishing Roman convents of “brides of Christ” vowing perpetual celibacy. Like Marcion. Preaching “THE UNKNOWN GOD” in Acts 17. Like Marcion.

In fact, “Paul” is actually the “resemblance” of Marcion in so many ways! It’s like Marcion invented for himself an “apostle” he MADE in his own literary style: the lead apostle of the “true church” he himself had tried to be… in joining himself to the true church to take it over in infiltration from within. But was expelled.

Then started his own Luciferian network of churches.

And, then, in a literary work… wahla! There is “Paul”: made the infiltrator Marcion desired to be.

When the epistles of “Paul” were added to the New Testament canon of scripture in 200 AD approximately.

The infiltration and takeover effected.

By Marcion’s literary emissary.

Gnostic false apostle “Paul”.

A character.

A dream come true.

For Marcion.

Because, by the time that “Paul’s” epistles were added to the canon of scripture: it was in history, so to speak, just “as if” Marcion had been accepted with all of his doctrines of demons into the true church…

all along.

**When you deal with “the history” of Marcion and “early Christianity”: you are dealing with the rise of Roman Catholicism and Islam through the highly organized church network that Marcion spawned. You’re dealing also with a conspiracy to pass of “Paul” as a real apostle by that same network of the organized Luciferian network of churches. You’re dealing with the highly organized occult network of early masons and Luciferians who sought to effect the rise of Lucifer worshiped as Jesus by the whole world. You’re dealing with what we call “the Illuminati”. You can’t expect to “read the history” and trust what you hear. You need to have spiritual discernment: to see who aligns where. For example, it is stated that Tertullian “opposed Marcion”. However, Tertullian mirrors what Marcion and “Paul” taught. Therefore, you would “guess” that Tertullian is controlled opposition in literary history. Much of which is… forged… as you trace it out. Marcion is heralded as “the father of the canonization process”. Marcion is the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church ~~ who in literary character representation is: the apostle “Paul”. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal truth. Because there’s a network of lies out there to sift through. The bottom-line is that “Paul” is characterized as the first pope of Rome and The Assyrian Antichrist. And you will find no historical evidence that this “Paul” character ever existed. But, you will find historical evidence that Marcion existed: who is the real person that “Paul” is embellished rather wildly… to represent.