To begin the discussion, we need to talk about mind control.

It’s mind control for a born-again Protestant believer in Jesus to be handed a collection of books compiled by the Roman Catholic Church: and to never question the canonization process.

It’s mind control to never question whether or not the Roman Catholic Church placed false gnostic epistles “in the mix” of the 27 books of the New Testament they gave us; especially 13 books by one “apostle” who came after Jesus ascended.

Because we should test and prove all things.

What if for 2000 years, we true believers in Jesus had only the Old Testament; and New Testament books of Matthew, John, 2 John, and Revelation? Then, the RCC “came up with” 13 books of an “apostle” from the mid 100’s AD. Would we not be skeptical?

I think we would be.

I think we would skeptically analyze this collection of 13 books by “Paul”. Let’s discover why the Roman Catholic Church so desperately wanted us to “accept” the “Pauline epistles” as scripture.

So, let’s just “put ourselves there”. Let’s put ourselves in the seats of assertive saints who are not just going to be mind controlled by the Roman Catholic Church. But we are going to test and prove all things. Just as if we were just handed these books today. Because today is the day of salvation. Let’s let go of 1900 years of the tradition of these 13 books of “Paul” being in our Bibles. Let’s put on our thinking caps today. Let’s search the scriptures to see what is true.

Let’s test this man “Paul’s” salvation testimony, his Christology, his soteriology, and his entire theology of his 13 books as it’s own distinct work by one man [so we are told].

Let’s consider that the source of these 13 books of “Paul” is Marcion of Sinope: a Lucifer worshiping bishop who likely founded the Roman Catholic Church and Islam – quite basically.

Let’s discover why Marcion of Sinope distributed the “Pauline epistles” to his organized network of Lucifer worshiping churches: declaring “Paul” to be “the only real apostle”.

Let’s truly follow Jesus and be assertive enough to objectively analyze 13 books delivered to us by Rome from the hands of Marcion of Sinope: a Luciferian.

Let’s decide for ourselves: do we really believe that this “Paul” is an apostle?

Let’s trace the source of these epistles.

Let’s actually do the work: of our ministry to be the disciples of Jesus indeed and know the truth that makes free.

Marcion – The Rapist Priest Who Claims Celibacy [Like “Paul”]. Source of “Pauline Epistles”.

Marcion – Wealthy Shipbuilder From Turkey [“Paul’s” Same Origin]