Working On The Website

Well, I’ve been venting about the institutional church:

  • how Christians view male/female relationships
  • how demeaning and degrading it is to women
  • how surreal and unreal Christian relationships are and become

…when people listen to “Paul”.

Because it’s just a sick relationship dynamic “Paul” teaches:

  • narcissism and narcissist supply
  • the abuse cycle
  • men treating women like things they own
  • men thinking women were put on this earth to serve, please, and worship men as gods

Because people are not listening to Jesus:

  • all these false expectations
  • all these false roles
  • all the frustration that comes out of it
  • so, they don’t understand the Kingdom
  • they don’t even know why we are here

I decided to write articles and blog posts. Plus give out information and my view:  to blow the lid off the LIES of “Paul”.

He’s no “icon of the Christian faith”.

“Paul” is a fraud.

Welcome to the site.