Break Mind Control. Separate “Paul’s” 13 Books And TEST “PAUL”! THOROUGHLY!

As I continue in this tape, I start taking about breaking the mind control. Mind control begins with the “powers that be” FILTERING information to us in the format that tells us “it’s true!” Social programming. Mind control programming.

I say that to TRULY TEST the “apostle ‘Paul”” we need to start from scratch. REMOVE his “13 epistles” from the canon of scripture. Let “Paul” speak FOR HIMSELF! In his OWN COLLECTION of 13 books!! Not giving them the credence of being “the inspired, infallible Word of God”. And EXAMINE the 13 books of “Paul” as HIS OWN CANON! ~~ of who “he says” that Jesus is, how people are saved, and everything he is preaching: to understand HIS whole counsel Christology, soteriology, and theology as AN INDIVIDUAL PERSON.

Really grasp from HIS OWN WORKS set apart BY THEMSELVES in the WHOLE of what HE HIMSELF SAYS: fully understanding what HIS RELIGION really is and WHO HE SAYS JESUS IS ~ THEN compare “Paul” and “his works” to the canon of THE OT, MATTHEW, JOHN, 2 JOHN, and REVELATION to test “Paul” THOROUGHLY!!

And… DECIDE FOR OURSELVES!! If “Paul” is a “real apostle” and IF “his works” BELONG in OUR AUTHORIZED KING JAMES VERSION BIBLES!!

Then, we are doing the work of the ministry we are each given as believers to KNOW THE TRUTH.