Rome's vision? Head covering. I don't think so.

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It’s terribly wounding. At first. When a person is gifted. And the response is systematic spiritual abuse and religious persecution.

And becomes HARDCORE spiritual abuse and religious persecution. Heightened by a woman’s giftedness. Inconsistent with the male dominant status quo. Existing in opposition to the presumption of male superiority and female inferiority. Giftedness not subject to the cult demand of women’s subordination to men.

The religious establishment of inequity of power. And status.

It’s “the cult of “Paul””. It has nothing to do with Jesus. It has everything to do with a cult of a man. No different than how Christians perceive Mormonism, Jehovahs Witnesses, the Roman Catholic Church, Islam, and all other foreign religions that deny the Deity of Jesus Christ. And assign people religious roles to earn their salvation: demanding conformity.

A cult. “The Domestic Code” of “Paul”. “The Institutional Code” of “Paul”. A manmade religion void of life and light. Where the Holy Spirit does not work. But another spirit does: of bondage, oppression, and abuse.

I’ll expose this cult of the abuse and persecution of all Christian women with this website.

Expose it’s cult leader as gnostic.

I’ll write blogs.


Let’s see. A woman who has read the Bible 1000’s of times cover to cover from youth. Family can verify: was gifted with an immeasurably high IQ. Dedicated her life from salvation to “break the glass ceiling”.

And activate the apostolic power gift of faith restored to the body of Jesus Christ in power to heal all at meetings in Jesus name; and arise full stature.

Saw Jesus face to face in salvation in Heaven in full revelation in salvation: graced to achieve all goals in apostolic call and commission.

Raised in a culture of the “cult of “Paul””. A cult in which she was demanded to be dumbed down, inferior, and subordinate to men; men she was demanded to blindly follow and worship as gods and rulers. To be made their dumbed down piece of *** sex slave.

Because “Paul” said so.

What could go wrong?

Meet the Team Leader

Well, I’ve written books that reveal 80% of the eternal whole counsel all theologians before me missed. Breaking the impasse between camps of God’s Sovereignty vs our free will in salvation in how they see scripture.

Both theological camps of God’s Sovereignty and free will in salvation begin their theological systems with “all mankind fell in Adam – the ‘federal head’ of all mankind”. Perhaps because male theologians see themselves in Adam, they improperly center the focus of all things in Adam, beginning with Adam, and deriving from Adam.

Genesis does not begin with the fall of Adam.

To begin one’s theological system centered in Adam and his fall is akin to a secular humanist lense of perception. Greek secular humanist philosopher Protagoras stated “man is the measure of all things”. Man is not the measure of all things; nor is Adam the center nor the start point of the eternal whole counsel plan of God.

I simply “looked past Adam” and started where God started the Book. Then, put together the 80% of the eternal whole counsel plan of God the whole library of male theologians before me… missed.

Yet, people want to know what man I “sat under” to learn theology. And what man “approves my message”. To make my work as a woman of value and worth.

I’ve read the Bible and prayed for 3-5 hours a day for 40 years to activate the apostolic power gift of faith. In restored miracle working power to heal all at meetings in Jesus name.

Succeeded. Then things really got complicated.


Laura Dykstra

Website Author

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay. Watching the tide of revival roll away.

As men and women follow “Paul”.

Not Jesus.

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