1 Corinthians Apostasy

Paul is a false apostle who wrote 1 Corinthians exclusively to men only [of, by, for men only]. He blasphemes against Jesus Christ; builds a new and different Roman Catholic, Islamic, and Masonic religion. This new religion worships Lucifer as “Jesus”. “Paul” abuses women as objects, livestock and slaves: teaching men likewise. Demands women put on hijabs and submit to Islamic male domination.

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Corrupt Canonization Process

Paul is a false apostle who “just appeared” in books now included in our New Testament. What’s the source? Who canonized them? Can we trust the process? “Paul’s” letters & more came from Marcion’s large, highly organized Luciferian church system; not followers of Jesus. Marcion is called “the father of canonization”.

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Ephesians 5 Slavery

Paul is a false apostle who inspired Mr. Packard, a Calvinist, to imprison his wife in America for being Wesleyan. The law based on “Paul’s” doctrine said Mrs. Packard was her husband’s Ephesians 5 slave & property; a non-entity, non-person thing. The law demanded she fully submit to him in everything as his slave. Mr. Packard imprisoned Mrs. Packard for reading the Bible & not being Calvinist.

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The Roman Domestic Code

Paul is a false apostle who rebuilt Rome through “The Domestic Code”: men created rules and laws after the ascension of Jesus. Did Jesus authorize men to create a Domestic Code? And why is the Domestic Code all about Roman culture, male domination and female subjugation? Jesus came preaching equality.

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False Conversion Of “Paul”

Paul is a false apostle who “sees a Jesus” on Road to Assyria. Strikes him blind. The story changes. Sins washed away by RCC sacrament. Not born again. Says a Christ is revealed in him: Christ-consciousness. 1st pope. Rewrote the Bible. Eliminated & replaced the REAL Jesus & His Red Letter teaching/ commandments. Founded & built the RCC with a new “Jesus” & new commandments.

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“Paul’s” Baphomet “Jesus”

Paul is a false apostle who creates new scripture from new revelation gained from the spectre he saw on the Road To Assyria. Says Jesus is Head; the church His body. Says men are heads; wives their bodies. What “Jesus” did “Paul” see? A one headed monster with a combined male/female body: Baphomet.

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“Paul’s Narcissist Abuse Theology…

“Paul” is a false apostle whose Luciferian false gospel incorporates a completely pervasive double standard.

Men, according to “Paul”, are in a higher and superior spiritual state compared to women. So, men, being superior, have direct access to his “Jesus”. Thus, men are saved by grace.

Women, according to “Paul”, are in a lower and inferior spiritual state compared to men. So, women, being inferior, have no direct access to “Paul’s” false “Jesus”. Thus, women must be saved by men as male priests. Male priests, men, are the intermediaries between women and “Paul’s” false “Jesus”.

Men, according to “Paul”, are the saviors of their own bodies. And women are the bodies men own.

1. Men as “heads” are holy as persons. Men are “saved by grace”.
2. Women as “their husband’s bodies” are under the curse of Eve as non-entity, non-person body parts. Women must earn “unlikely conditional salvation” by penance plus good works worshiping/serving men their “heads”.

“Paul” sets women up to be oppressed, traumatized, and abused by men their entire lives. Forced by “Paul” and his cult followers into “a woman’s role” of an abuse victim as narcissist supply to her abusers: religious narcissistic men.

“Paul” teaches men they have the narcissistic “divine right” to abuse women: viewing, regarding, and treating women as their inferior slaves.

“Paul” teaches men they have the narcissistic “divine right” to subjugate women to themselves: as the superior narcissist masters of women.

All of “Paul’s” cult teaching of narcissistic abuse to men; and all of the “Paul” cult training of women to accept narcissist abuse as trauma victims;

is in service to “Paul’s” god: the god of narcissism ~ Lucifer.

Why This Website?

Paul is a false apostle who has ruined a lot of lives. Including mine. For a season. He has inspired men to abuse and persecute Christian women for going on 2,000 years. [His “epistles” were canonized outside the Luciferian network of churches of Marcion in approximately 200 AD.]

What Religious Men Do

Men in male dominated top down hierarchy churches persecuted and abused me. These men demanded dumbed down women. They wanted me to be a man worshiper. These men wanted me to be less so they could be more. They wanted me to make them feel good about themselves at my own expense. They treated me like an object and a thing. Turning the cross of Jesus Christ upside down. They think that being a gifted Christian and a leader is “male domain”, so they punish giftedness in women.

Religious Sexism Abusing Christian Women

Everything evil about sexism is cloaked in “religious language” as “noble and good and right and fair!” based on things “Paul” said.

The most deceptive sexism is religious sexism. Religious sexists persecute and abuse Christian women for “reading the Bible too much”, “having a mind of their own”, “not blindly following men”, and just being real human beings. Jesus Christ is the power to overcome evil; and religious men call their evil good because “Paul” said so.

Get Real

Let’s get real. If men do not view, regard, and treat women as intelligent and fully equal human beings FREE of all MALE DOMINATION with FULL LIBERTY of FULL EQUAL RIGHTS AND PARTICIPATION: then we know what men think. They think a woman is put on this earth as A BODY OBJECT for their own self-centered gratification. And they want women to “accept the role”.

No thank you.


Paul is a false apostle whose inspired Tertullian to write this. In his De Culta Feminarum, cited in Ruether (1974:157), Tertullian, a North African theologian and montanist, claimed that Eve was the originator of sin and therefore all women carried the curse of Eve:

Demand For Women To Live A Lifetime Of Guilt & Penance

If there dwelt upon earth a faith as great as is the reward of faith which is expected in the heavens, no one of you at all, best beloved sisters, from the time that she had first known the Lord, and learned (the truth) concerning her own (that is, woman’s) condition, would have desired too gladsome (not to say too ostentatious) a style of dress; so as not rather to go about in humble garb, and rather to affect meanness of appearance, walking about as Eve mourning and repentant, in order that by every garb of penitence she might the more fully expiate that which she derives from Eve, the ignominy, I mean, of the first sin, and the odium (attaching to her as the cause) of human perdition.

The Curse & Guilt Of Eve On All Women

In pains and in anxieties do you bear (children), woman; and toward your husband (is) your inclination, and he lords it over you. And do you not know that you are (each) an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desert – that is, death – even the Son of God had to die. (Tertullian in Lerner 1993:141)



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